If you have a project, or are interested in starting a project, we would be happy to help you. We can give you feedback, give you ideas, help you analyze your project idea in a framework of effective altruism, help you find funding, connect you with other people interested in these ideas, etc. It’s also possible to join an existing project, as well as volunteer or do an internship with Effective Altruism Québec. Contact us with any inquiry.

Open Projects

Effective Altruism Montréal

Effective Altruism Montréal is a group supporting the community in Montréal. If you are interested in organizing events - presentation, reading group, social activity, etc. - write email us. It is also always a pleasure to meet you 1 on 1 to answer your questions about effective altruism. Join the discussion on our Facebook group or our Meetup group.

Recommendation for a $1M dollar donation

Two anonymous donors are donating 1 million Canadian dollars starting around 2020. They are interested in finding an organization that reduces human misery as much as possible, with a focus on potentially transformative interventions: empowering people to improve their lives in a sustainable way. In early 2021, the project’s research concluded and is documented in Donation Recommendations to Help People Living in Extreme Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Course on rationality

We know an International Baccalaureate teacher interested in presenting content about human rationality in one of zir classes. We are looking for volunteers who can help, for example, by suggesting, creating and / or structuring content for the course.

Reading group on AI safety

There has already been a reading group on AI safety at Mila and McGill, but these groups are currently inactive. However, there are still many people interested in joining such a group. Whatever your level of expertise and your main area of interest is, we would like to know if you’d be interested in participating to such a group. We have a Google group called Montreal AI Safety for people interested in reading on the Intelligent Agent Foundations.

AI Safety Unconference

The AI Safety Unconference brings together people interested in AI safety for an afternoon of participant-driven moderated discussions. The focus of the event being to maximize valuable social time, supported by a minimal structure. Discussion groups will self-assemble to cover multiple topics and intersections of the field — from specific technical AI safety problems to longer-term governance issues. Check out their website.

Effective Altruism in French

Most of the content on effective altruism is in English. However, there are some efforts to help localize effective altruism in French. We are looking for people interested in contributing to the glossary of concepts related to rationality and effective altruism, the aggregation and curation of recommended resources on effective altruism and rationality, or the effort of translating content on the effective altruism.

Supported Projects

Effective Altruists at McGill

Effective Altruists at McGill aims to promote EA on campus through a variety of activities, such as running an EA fellowship and hosting weekly discussions. You can learn more on their Facebook page or website.

Montreal AI Ethics

The Montreal AI Ethics community has a lot of events around short and long term issues related to AI ethics and safety. Check out their Meetup group and website.

The Malassezia Project

Martin Laurence has been doing and found research on the fungus Malassezia for 7 years. He has a lead that might cure Crohn’s disease, spondyloarthritis, multiple sclerosis, prostate cancer and potentially other diseases. For more information, check out Laurence et al 2018> and this effective altruism forum post.


The Macroscope is an intentional community where people interested by rationality and effective altruism live. They host several events from those communities. The collective also support projects like the wall of donations and the Macroscope library. For more information, refer to their website.

Local Soup

Local Soup is a monthly event of participatory democracy and discovery of local initiatives. For a minimum of $ 5, you get a soup meal and a vote. Four local projects are presented, followed by discussions. The evening ends with a vote that determines which project receives the money raised.

Projects Ideas

Student Group for Effective Altruists at Université de Montréal

The group has a Facebook page and a Facebook group, and has had a few meetings, but has never actually taken off. If you’re interested in getting involved, we can support you and put you in touch with other interested people.

Group for Effective Altruists in Québec City

The group has a Facebook page and a Facebook group. There was a big event in August 2017, but otherwise the group remained inactive. If you’re interested in getting involved, we can support you and put you in touch with other interested people.

Group for Effective Altruists in your City or University

In general, we believe that education on issues of effective altruism can have a large positive impact. We would be interested in helping you to make an event (or other project) at your university or city. We have been to Sherbrooke and Québec City in 2017, but would return with pleasure.